ROBOSLIT® Slitter rewinder with dual turret rewinds

Feature packed, highly mechanized and high output Slitter rewinder with dual turret rewinds

Slitter rewinder with dual turret rewinds

The ROBOSLIT® is more than just a machine. It is a mission statement. A mission to increase output levels without increasing the machine speeds beyond realistic levels permitted by the working environment and human limitations. As time and work studies have indicated, more than 55% of the total time on a good quality duplex slitter rewinder is spent on the various changeovers between reels, slit widths and slit modes, with rewind changeover accounting for nearly 70% of the total changeover time.

Considering the above statistics, it is easy to see that for a given increase in the design speed of a machine from the optimum level, the increase in output is woefully out of proportion. For example, in an environment where the machine runs for only 45% of the total time, increasing the speed from 500 m/ min to 600 m/ min i.e. an increase of 20% in the machine speed would result in output levels which are higher only by 9%.

Designed to run at a maximum speed of 500 m/min, the ROBOSLIT® employs devices and techniques which drastically cut down the cumulative changeover time, so that the machine runs for about 90% of the total time, thus doubling the output vis a vis it’s counterparts rated for the same speed. Most importantly, this massive increase in output levels is achieved without increasing operator fatigue by the use of integrated material handling solutions which need minimum intervention or exertion by the operator.

The revolutionary features in the ROBOSLIT® which make it possible to realize the above objectives include-

  • Dual turret rewinds which bring down the changeover time to less than 30 seconds by making it possible for other devices to execute the activities related to removal of finished reels and set up of new cores with the machine in operation
  • These devices  include a cross- cutting device, servo driven finished reels ejector, multi axis off loading mechanism and robotic core positioning system
  • Robotic cutter positioning system while cutting in the tangential, rotary mode, resulting in a drastic reduction in the time and expertise required to change slit widths
  • Horizontal orientation of the lay on section ensures that the rewind reels are subjected to constant contact pressure as against the pivoted counterparts in which the contact angle changes with the rewind diameter

Technical Data

Specifications ROBOSLIT®
Position of unwind Rear, on a separate frame
Maximum web width (mm) 1200 / 1300
Maximum unwind diameter (mm) 1000
Maximum unwind weight (Kg) 1000
Unwind core inner diameter (mm) 76 and 152
Maximum rewind diameter (mm) 600 (800)
Rewind core inner diameter (mm) 76 (76 and 152)
Minimum slit width (mm) 50 (30)
Maximum machine speed (m/min) 500
Standard Features
Unwind roll Shaftless, motorised, self centering
Unwind roll loading Electro mechanical unwind floor lift mechanism
Unwind roll rotation Bi-directional
Unwind tension control Vector controlled servo motor with load cell feedback
Web guide equipment Digital line/ edge contrast sensor
Slitting technique Razor in groove, Razor in air, tangential rotary with pneumatic operation
Positioning of rotary cutters Through the use of servo driven robotic positioners (Robotic cutter positioning)
Trim Removal Ventury blower and traversable suction nozzles
Rewinding technique Differential rewinding through slippage of ball locks controlled through diameter feedback with an adjustable taper profile
Lay on assembly "S" wrap, pneumatically pressured, self aligning
Lay on roll movement Horizontal
Slit reel off-loading By pneumatic opening of support arms and use of a motorised ejector for displacement of reels onto the multi axis off loading system which lowers the reels to floor level
Drive 4 nos. vector controlled servo motors for unwind, main and dual turret rewind sections
Machine stop conditions Rewind diameter/ unwind diameter/ meterage counter/ manual intervention/ emergency
Rewind core positioning Through the use of servo driven robotic positioners
(Robotic core positioning)
Static eliminator Active ionizing bars with HVAC power source for each rewind section
Operator interface Touch screen HMIs- separate units for main machine operation and core/ cutter positioning
Possibility of Optional Features
Additional set of ball locks suited to 152 mm ID core
Minimum slit width of 30 mm
Splice table for the unwind section
Finished reel handling system comprising a motorised finished reels ejector and a multi axis off loading system to swivel and lower the coils to pallet level in the horizontal position

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