DSR RL with an integrated rear loading unwind

High Speed Slitting and Rewinding Machine with Integrated Unwind

Slitting and Rewinding Machine with Rear Loading Unwind

The DSR RL accommodates the unwind and duplex rewind on opposite sides to allow reasonably large diameters in a layout which is incommensurately compact.

Designed to run at speeds upto 600 (700) m/min, the DSR RL is thus a frontrunner where output per unit space is an important criterion during selection of equipment.

The specific benefits associated with the DSR RL include:

  • Reasonably large unwind and rewind diameters in a compact layout
  • Easy web threading
  • One piece, pre-wired design with an integrated control cabinet to facilitate ease of transportation and quick Installation
  • Speeds of upto 600 (700) m/min

Technical Data

Specifications DSR RL
DSR RL icon
Position of unwind Rear integral
Maximum web width (mm) 1300 (1650)
Maximum unwind diameter (mm) 1000 (1200)
Maximum unwind weight (Kg) 1000
Unwind core inner diameter (mm) 76 and 152
Maximum rewind diameter (mm) 600 (800)
Rewind core inner diameter (mm) 76 (76 and 152)
Minimum slit width (mm) 50 (30)
Maximum machine speed (m/min) 600 (700)
Standard Features
Unwind roll Shaftless, motorised, self centering
Unwind roll loading Electro mechanical unwind floor lift mechanism
Unwind roll rotation Bi-directional
Unwind tension control Vector controlled servo motor with load cell feedback
Web guide equipment Digital line/edge contrast position sensor
Slitting technique Razor in groove (Razor in air on request) with pneumatic operation
Trim removal Ventury blower and traversable suction nozzles
Rewinding technique Differential rewinding through slippage of ball locks controlled through diameter feedback with an adjustable taper profile
Lay on assembly "S" wrap, pneumatically pressured, self aligning
Slit reel off-loading By Pneumatic retraction of slide door and offloading the reels onto swivel arms with slow reverse rotation of shaft
Drive 3 nos. vector controlled servo motors for unwind, main and rewind sections
Machine stop conditions Rewind diameter/ unwind diameter/ meterage counter/ manual intervention/ emergency
Rewind core positioning Laser assisted for upto 10 cores
Static eliminator Active ionizing bars with HVAC power source for each rewind section
Operator interface Touch screen HMI
Possibility of Optional Features
Rotary cutting arrangement- tangential with pneumatic operation and engagement. No sizing spacers, permitting slit width change without removing the bottom shaft
Additional set of ball locks suited to 152 mm ID core
Minimum slit width of 30 mm

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